All Nutrient Supplement Upper Limits: Your Go-To Guide for Supplement Dose Safety


“All Nutrient Supplement Upper Limits: Your Go-To Guide for Supplement Dose Safety,” a simple 2-page handout for everyone. This guide gives you a list of vitamins and minerals, showing the most you should take each day to stay safe. It’s easy to read and based on science, so you can trust the info.

“All Nutrient Supplement Upper Limits: Your Go-To Guide for Supplement Dose Safety”. This guide is perfect for registered dietitians or other health professionals looking to ensure that they don’t exceed toxic upper limits to vitamins and nutrients when supplementing their patients. In this guide, you get a comprehensive table for all micronutrient upper limits with the source/citations. *ALL reference values are in ranges set for women.*

What’s Inside:

  • Vitamin and Mineral Limits: Shows the maximum amount you can take safely.
  • Science-Backed: Every number has a citation, so you know it’s reliable.

Why This Guide?

  • Clear Info: Tells you exactly how much of each vitamin and mineral is safe.
  • Trustworthy: Everything is cited, so you can feel confident about what you’re using.
  • Quick Check: Just 2 pages, making it easy to find what you need fast.

Perfect for anyone who takes vitamins or supplements and wants to do it safely. Download your guide now and ensure you’re using a safe amount for your health.


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